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P7202 Sectional with Free Ottoman (Red)

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P7202 Sectional with Free Ottoman (Red)

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$765.00 $1,389.00
$765.00 $1,389.00

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JMD encourages everyone to be creative.

This multi- colored sectional and ottoman is unique and its reversable!  
It’s contrasting colors will bring innovation right to your doorstep and we guarantee all your friends will be asking about it.

This sectional is priced at $765.00 and it comes with a FREE ottoman.


Reversible L/RL84'D34'H'35
3-Seat SofaL78'D34'H35'

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  1. Not Bat At All review by Shardonna (Seat Pleasant ) on 12/25/2018

    .Not bad at all The sectional is good for the price. It looks nice. The delivery guys assembled it very quickly. Its comfortable enough for me. The cushions are not firm at all. I receive great comfort from the seats and the back area. This sectional works for me perfectly, won't be temporary.

  2. Not Bat At All review by Alicia (Georgetown ) on 12/25/2018

    The sectional is good for the price. It looks nice. The delivery guys assembled it very quickly. Its comfortable enough for me. The cushions are not firm at all. I receive great comfort from the seats and the back area. This sectional works for me perfectly, won't be temporary.

  3. Extremly Comfortable review by Kendra (Forestville ) on 12/25/2018

    This sectional is extremely comfortable, and I am very pleased with this product. The cushions don't bend out of their shape, they are relaxing, and the color is stunning. The material and fabric is soft and the best part is the sectional stays in place.

  4. Beautiful review by Raven (Landover ) on 12/25/2018

    Can we please talk about how comfortable and beautiful this sectional is please? The sectional is extremely spacious and the cushions are great to plop on. I love the red on top of brown combination, it's different but welcoming. I purchased this item two days ago. Received it today. It was super easy to assemble. I love it

  5. lovely review by Mandy Peiffer (Temple Hills ) on 12/25/2018

    So far, this is one of the best purchases I have made this year! It came quick, was packaged well, and the assembly didn't take long. It is sooo comfortable. We added it to our family room, and it looks great. It is great to use for family events. Would recommend

  6. Price was great review by Lynn (Virginia ) on 12/25/2018

    The multicolor sectional was extremely easy to piece together. Its upholstered with fabric that is surprisingly easy to clean. The pillows are detachable, so it will leave more seating space (if needed). The price I paid for it was great (considering other furniture places were asking for 1000 and more!) I love it!

  7. Money well spent review by Mildred (Washington D.C.) on 12/25/2018

    We were very pleased with this sectional. It's very comfortable. The cushions are huge, so It's easy to curl up in. They are very soft, so it feels more like a bed than a sofa. It's money well spent.

  8. Comfortable Set review by Misty (Maryland ) on 12/25/2018

    I purchased this set about two weeks ago, and I have not found one reason to return it yet. The cost was great! It feels super comfortable to sit on, and it comes in an awesome color. I really appreciate JMD quality furniture and services.

  9. Durable and great for daily use review by Iris Norman (V.A.) on 12/25/2018

    This sectional is perfect if you have a large space that you would like to condense. It defiantly offers that home appeal. It makes my living room welcoming and comfortable. The cushions on the back and the seats are soft to touch. The sectional receives daily use and the price was great!

  10. Happy with Order review by Katie (Clinton ) on 12/25/2018

    The sectional is very comfortable and the colors are so vibrant. I love it! It is exactly what I was searching for and wanted. I hold really good quality and seem durable. The cushions can be dis-assembled and washed, which is a plus. I am happy with this order.

  11. Children Friendily review by Jacob Berrier (Baltimore ) on 12/25/2018

    Had it for months now. It still looks and feels brand new. It's beautiful in style and supplies much comfort. It holds weight and destruction well. It's a great purchase to invest in for the kids and friends. Best purchase by far

  12. looks great, feels great review by Karin (Virginia ) on 12/25/2018

    I have purchased this sofa about a month ago, it took the seats about one week to break in, but it sits high and features really good body support. The material is good in quality and is extremely easy to clean. It fits a group of people easily, and looks great!

  13. love the vibrant colors review by Bria (Waldorf ) on 12/25/2018

    I purchased this sectional to fill up the large space in my home and provide sufficient seating for the living room. The featured colors are beautiful and vibrant. The cushions are extremely soft and comfortable. It shares good quality and holds durability.

  14. Suits me well review by Elsie (Silver Spring) on 12/25/2018

    This sectional is ideal for a loft. It was delivered quick, received in seven days. Easy to assemble. However, the quality shocked me, I was really expecting something somewhat less. It is exceptionally perfect! It fits me great. I am satisfied with purchase

  15. beautiful for family review by london (Suitland ) on 12/25/2018

    This mulit-color sectional was exactly what I was looking for! It seats more than five people (which is great because I have a big family) It compliments large area spaces well and it supplies major comfort. It's definitely a great item to have to bring family together.

  16. Assembly was a pain :( review by Katrine (Washington D.C.) on 12/25/2018

    The delivery was fine, it was the assembly that sucked! I dint realize how much of a tedious task it would be, it took me about three hours complete. I definitely learned my lesson?. Never again!

  17. Upholstered with good quality review by Giselle (Temple Hills ) on 12/25/2018

    I love everything about this sectional. The color, the size, the design, the shape, and even the legs. The fabric is soft to touch, and feels good. The featured cushions are comfortable, ideal to either sit or lay on. This sectional holds very good quality, and I am very pleased with everything.

  18. Compliments comes easily review by Stephnie (Virginia ) on 12/25/2018

    The sectional was shipped and delivered w/in 1 week; JMD customer service was excellent in delivering furniture promptly ... wonderful experience from beginning to end! The assembly was a little difficult then expected but it got completed. The seating is comfortable and so is the foot rest. Everyone who visits loves it.

  19. Comes with a great surprise:) review by Lynne (Alexandria ) on 12/25/2018

    The furniture came quickly. The couch looks good and is easy to assemble. Comes in three large boxes. The sectional is good in height, seems perfect to me. The seat cushions started out firm, but not that have been broken in, they feel extremely comfortable. The sectional came with included pillows and an ottoman, which was a great surprise.

  20. Great Services review by Autumn (Upper Marlboro ) on 12/25/2018

    My husband and I purchased this item for our new media room. So far, the sectional seems very stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The delivery gentle men were very professional. They assembled the item, and cleaned up after very nicely.

  21. seats a lot of people review by Willamina (Suitland ) on 12/25/2018

    I am currently in the process of transiting the appeal of my home. Selecting this sectional was a good choice to start with. The assembly was quick and convenient. The sectionals upholster is very rich in quality and seems to be made with great material. It's also relatively big enough to seat about eight people.

  22. Well made Sectional review by Sandy (Forestville ) on 12/25/2018

    The product arrived on-time in three separate large boxes. The company wrapped/ protected every piece quite well. I didn't find one scratch or damage upon arrival. The sectional is extremely sturdy and seems to be well crafted. It's very useful and fits perfectly in the family room! Highly recommend.

  23. Measure first review by Isha (Darlington) on 12/25/2018

    The sectional is very spacious, and at the same time, it takes up a lot of space. I placed the boxes in my basement area (which is huge) and it literally leaves little room to maneuver. I would definitely recommend measuring your space prior to purchasing.

  24. Not pleased with the sectional, but im okay with the services review by Sherrie (Richmond) on 12/25/2018

    The sectional took forever and a day to get here and when it finally did arrived, it came without the legs! I contacted the company so they could ship them, and they did it a week after. I am not pleased with the services at all. But I love the sectional.

  25. great product! review by Avarese (Forestville ) on 12/25/2018

    I received the couch three days after the initial order date. Everything checked out perfectly! The sectional holds really good quality and the color matches my wall to the T! I would recommend this couch to all of you that may be in need of a large, beautiful, and comfortable sectional.

  26. shipping could have been better review by Alayah (PG) on 12/25/2018

    The shipping and delivery lacked good management; however, when the sectional became assembled, I loved it! The multi-color looks beautiful. My family is huge so this sectional was the best thing to purchase. It fits us well!

  27. Excellent For Family review by Dynika (Rockville ) on 12/25/2018

    This couch is so much better than what I originally expected. I have had it for about a year now, and it still remains to hold up well. It is very nice and comfortable; extremely durable as well. I have a huge family of 8 and so this was the idea product to purchase. It serves as an excellent family sectional!

  28. The color, the quality, and construction is all great review by Milla (Bethesda) on 12/25/2018

    If you don't order set up AND delivery make sure you do have someone that Is willing to assemble it for you. For me, the sectional was way too heavy to handle by myself; but once everything was completed, it looked perfect. The color, the quality, and construction.

  29. satisfied review by Bailey (Spring Field ) on 12/25/2018

    The sectional arrived packaged in several large boxes that were extremely heavy. I had the delivery guys assemble the product (which was a good idea) it only took them about 30 minutes to complete everything. I'm satisfied

  30. new purchase review by Evie (Wheaton ) on 12/25/2018

    I purchased this multi-sectional a week ago, and it just arrived at my door step. It was packed in several boxes, but everything seem accounted for. I haven't gotten the opportunity to assemble it yet, but I plan on very soon.. Will keep you up-dated

  31. first time shopper review by Nyla (Balitmore M.D.) on 12/25/2018

    This was the first time I shopped with the company and I must say, I'm quite impressed. The sectional arrived two days after the purchase date, in great condition and all the included pieces were accounted for. I didn't have one problem with the services. Will shop here again.

  32. needs space for the room review by Patty (Rhode Island Ave ) on 12/25/2018

    I purchased this sectional as a house warming gift for my son, and he loves it. The assemble was completed in 30 minutes top! The material and quality seems good enough to last a while too. The sectional is large in size, so make sure you have enough space to place it.

  33. Would recommend review by Talia (Greenbelt) on 12/25/2018

    I purchased this sectional for my soon about two months ago and to this day, It's still works like a charm. The featured quality seems immaculate we haven't noticed any rips or damages thus far. It's high in comfort level and seems to be very durable. Would recommend

  34. wonderful addition?? review by Violet (Fair-Fax ) on 12/25/2018

    The product took two-weeks to arrive to my home. I was not pleased to say the least. But, it did arrive with professional packaging with everything included. I love this sectional for my family room. It makes a wonderful addition??

  35. Cute and Comfortable. review by Dawn (South West ) on 12/25/2018

    I saw this sectional in-stores a few weeks back, but when I finally went to purchase, it was completely sold -out. However, the company did offer it online-So I purchased from there. This sectional is just as I imagined! Cute and Comfortable.

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